5 ideas for campsites and festivals!

Lots of ideas for family fun on your camping adventures

Written by Gabrielle Meredith-Elsworth

You’ve decided to do a family camping trip. No screens allowed. Surrounded by nature. The chance to spend some quality time together, what could possibly go wrong?

The first challenge is to put the tents up “Let me help, Mummy! I do it, Daddy!” And then the rain sets in…

Don’t worry, these 5 activities are perfect for keeping kids busy whether you’re in a sunny field or sheltering under canvas. They’re ideal for kids of different ages, and they’ll give you 5 minutes peace and quiet.

Now, where did you pack the camping stove and kettle?

1) Shadow shapes: Play in the sun or head inside the tent with a torch if it’s raining

What you’ll need: a torch

What to do:

1. Find a space where the sun is shining and hold up your hands in different shapes to make shadows.
2. If it’s raining, do the same but with a torch shining at the tent wall.

2) Nature ABC: Play this sat around camp or on a walk!

What you’ll need: nothing!

What to do:

1. Take it in turns to go around the group and find an item beginning with each letter of the alphabet, a for ants, b for branch, c for cloud and so on!

3) Banana chocolate split: Easy campfire cooking that’s sure to give you 5 minutes peace!

What you’ll need: banana, chocolate, foil

What to do:

1. Cut a slit in a banana.
2. Ask your little one to help you put 3 squares of chocolate inside the banana.
3. Get them to wrap the banana in foil.
4. Place the banana near the edge of a fire for 15 minutes. Yum!

4) Camp fire treats: Yummy AND healthy!

What you’ll need: tin of pineapple rings, skewers

What to do:

1. Cut the pineapple rings into quarters.
2. Place a piece on a skewer and help your little one hold a skewer at the edge of fire to toast!

5) Rain monsters: Enjoy creating your own creatures

What you’ll need: paper, pens

1. Each person playing needs a piece of paper and a pen. Draw a head of a monster without showing anyone and fold over. Swap pieces of paper.
2. Now draw a body for the monster, fold and swap again.
3. Draw legs and feet for the monster. Now unfold the paper and look at your creations. Be sure to make up names for your monsters!

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