Boredom-proof playdate ideas!

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Hosting a playdate? These 50+ ideas are perfect for entertaining a group of children.

1-5 What could be simpler than sticking googly eyes onto pieces of fruit and turning them into puppets? Find more ideas like this with these 5 ways with googly eyes.

6-10 Got an energetic bunch? These 5 ball games can all be played indoors to help them let off steam.

11-15 Salt dough is simple and surprisingly clean to make. Get your group to mix up a batch and get creative, using the recipe and ideas in this post.

16-20 This post has 5 royal ideas to entertain a crowd in honour of William and Kate’s third child, Louis. From crowns to jewels, they’re perfect for gaggles of princes and princesses.

21 Dens make everything fun. And we love this post from Say Yes that takes indoor den building to the next level by introducing string and pegs.

22-26 Feed the kids yoghurt so they can use the pots to craft a castle, a penguin, building blocks and more…

27-31 Claim a few minutes’ quiet time with these 5 drawing games.

32 Get everyone to make a mask. Either draw a simple outline for them to colour in or click to visit the 5 Minute Fun shop and buy some that have been ready-made.

33-37 Nice day? Get everyone outside to collect fallen petals, twigs and leaves. Then bring them back in to make one of these 5 nature crafts.

38-42 Or, if it’s raining (again!), get them to use toys in new ways. This clever post has 5 ways with building blocks that they won’t have thought of before.

43-47 Bring the kids together for a reading of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Then get them to create a tea party or some tiger food, while you raid daddy’s beer!

48 Turn snack time into a game with these animal toast ideas from All She Cooks. All you need is bread, spreads, fruit and their imaginations.

49 We love this Soap Boat Racers idea from CBeebies Let’s Go Club. A drop of washing up liquid really makes them go!

50 Get them to make a rockstar turtle. Need we say more? Thanks for the idea  Iddlepeeps!