100+ boredom busters

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

School holidays always creep up on us.

We think we’ll be prepared with fun ideas to try, and then life gets in the way. Don’t worry! 5 Minute Fun has done the hard work for you. Here are over 100 boredom busters to give time back to you. Please share it with friends and help them survive the school holidays too!

1 Make a snake out of a pipe cleaner and beads (or Cheerios!)

2 Sticky sticky stick stick! We can’t get enough of Hey Duggee’s stick song. Listen and make your own stick here! For more from Duggee and the Stick, pick up a copy of Hey Duggee magazine, in supermarkets now!

3 This video shows your child how to make salt dough, and a cool dinosaur

4 Encourage the kids to make fun puppets, like this dog from Mudpie Fridays, and then put on a puppet show

5 This is a great one for toddlers – filling an empty bottle with treasure

6 Bake these easy peanut cookies together for a holiday treat

7-15 We love these 9 ideas to get kids moving indoors from Childhood 101

16-20 Grab a pot of buttons for these 5 easy crafts, which include a beetle, family portrait, caterpillar, space picture and giant dice

21 Sit down quietly for 5 minutes to draw these fish – watch how

22 Kids will LOVE making slime. See what ingredients you need in this video

23 Transform an old loo roll into something new! Watch this tutorial to see how to make a rocket

24 Or grab a kitchen roll and make these wild animals

25-29 5 cute finger painting ideas: including finger smudging, counting sheep, brilliant biscuits, fingerprint people and a bunny even toddlers can do

30-34 Going on a journey? Then you’ll need these 5 fun activities to do in the car (or on a train or plane)

35 Make something to keep their pens and crayons tidy! We love this bunny pot by Iddle Peeps

36 Get painting: Paint, a straw and your kids’ imagination is all you need for these blow paint monsters

37 The perfect game for telly addicts. See how your kids can put themselves inside a TV…

38 We LOVE Teaching Mama’s idea of making a giant version of Kerplunk using balloons, glow sticks and a laundry basket

39 5 minute cake: Yes, we turn to carbs when we’ve got the kids, and this microwave cake is quick and easy.

40 Bored of regular painting? Why not get your little ones to make puffy paint instead! You just need shaving foam, flour, glue and paint

41 Try this bread – anyone (even a 3-year-old) can make it

42 Give your child’s Play-Doh a glittery space makeover!

43 Grab a large cardboard box and pretend that it’s a boat. The kids could even decorate it, like this idea from the Nurture Store

44-48 Five fun football games, which you can play inside if it’s raining

49 Doodle these cool cats! It’s easy with this simple tutorial

50-52 These 3 activities are based on favourite kids books, including The Gruffalo, Dragons Love Tacos and The Tiger Who Came to Tea

53-62 Fill a washing-up bowl with water and give them these 10 games to try

63-67 Keep learning: Keep their minds awake with these 5 ways to teach phonics

68-72 Get the kids outside, whatever the weather, with these 5 ideas that include making potions and nature faces

73 This fun idea from Iddle Peeps keeps the kids busy while giving you pots of kitchen herbs

74 Turn an egg box into a cute pig using just paper and paint

75 Make a daytime activity into dinner for the family, with this cool pizza idea by the Rainy Day Mum

76 We love the nostalgia trip that this paper plate Eeyore has given us

77 Magic sand: Your kids can make this sand in just 5 minutes, and it’ll give them something new to play with all week

78 A super-quick butterfly make using coloured paper, glue, scissors and pens

79 This great idea from post-natal fitness guru Kate Smart will tire the kids out and help you to keep fit!

80-84 Counting games: Make learning numbers fun with these Numberblocks games

85 These bees make us happy! And they can be easily made with stuff around your home

86-90 If you’re reaching for a screen, try giving the kids one of these 5 ideas instead

91-93 These cool science experiments use stuff you’ll have at home…

94 We love this video that shows you how to make milkshakes for the kids, and a more grown-up (night-time) version for you!

95 ‘No Mess’: We’re always happy when we see those words, so we love this painting idea from Mama Smiles

96 For completely no mess, get them to make a picture on the computer! Like this Tumble creation from CBeebies

97 This video shows kids (and you!) how to draw a perfect unicorn

98 A-Woof: Your kids only need paper and crayons to create these cute dogs

99-103 These cute crafts will tell someone they care. Why not make one to give to their teacher when they go back to school?

104 Boom! This video shows your kids how to make a volcano that really erupts!

105 Back to School: At the end of the holidays, get ready for the week ahead with these cute lunchbox ideas