It doesn’t matter if we’re at home, queuing at the post office or walking around the supermarket — the kids need something to keep them busy.

We’ve tried and tested these ideas and promise that wherever we are, they help keep children occupied while you adult.

1 Be superheroes Set them missions that are helpful and fun. Need your slippers? Off they go. Buying cheddar? Whoosh them off down the cheese aisle. Stuck in a queue? Think of superhero names and talk about special powers.

2 Look after teddy At home, teddy needs bathing and dressing. In the supermarket, teddy gets to sit in the trolley. At the post office, they have to stop teddy feeling bored by thinking of things for him to do.

3 Go on a bear hunt You may look like an ordinary family at the supermarket, but actually you’re hunting for bears. Look out for brown fur, big brown feet… Don’t forget to be extra vigilant by the honey! At home? They’re probably hiding under the stairs. At the post office, maybe we’ll write a letter asking them to come and visit. We could post it.

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Article written by Sara Conway