Everyone loves a den, and every family has their own unique approach to building one. Over to you, 5 Minute mums and dads, for your ultimate den making tips.

1. The drying rack. OK, it’s not the most sophisticated hideaway — the sheet doesn’t even reach the bottom of the airer — but the girls like lying in their ‘cave’ and enjoy the fact they can see out — honest!
Sophie, mum to Savannah (4) and Dakota (18 months).

2. The classic. Just pillows and a blanket over two chairs. They take a torch, blankie and toys inside.
Lucy, mum to Ella (3) and Joseph (18 months).

3. The bedroom-based bolthole. Depending on how your bedroom’s laid out, we lift up the curtain so it rests on the bed and Chloe sits underneath on pillows.
Lisa, mum to Chloe (3) and Charlie (2 months).

4. The al-fresco. Under the trampoline with sheets tucked around the edge and saucepans and other containers inside.
Becky, mum to Poppy (4) and Eliza (2).

5. The total chaos…Get every single blanket, cushion, duvet and sleeping bag you own and use the sofa as a starting point. Fix things in place with clothes pegs to make multiple rooms. Leon absolutely loves it! (Well, who wouldn’t!)
Marie, mum to Leon (5) and Elin (3).

6. The (pre-)fabricated. Ours has numerous rooms, a swimming pool, even a cinema — in our imaginaaation!
Marie, mum to Joseph (3) and Thomas (18 months).

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Article written by Sara Conway