Numberblocks activities: Learn counting using blocks

Help children to build maths skills with CBeebies Numberblocks

These ideas are designed to be played with this Numberblocks set (£9.99). These fun blocks help children engage with maths through play and exploration. They make learning maths as easy as 1, 2, 3!

No blocks? Try these Numberblocks activities instead.

1) Block bingo: With this fun number game, the race is on to shout ‘Block bingo’!

What you’ll need: Numberblocks, small bag

What you do:

1. Break all the Numberblocks up into individual cubes.
2. Put all the Numberblock cubes in a bag and shake them up.
3. Take it in turns to pick a cube out of the bag.
4. The first person to build a complete Numberblock shouts ‘Block bingo’ and wins!

2) Number magic: make number magic by adding and taking away with the Numberblocks.

What you’ll need: Numberblocks, pen and paper

What you do:

1. Write down an easy adding or taking away number sentence, e.g. 2+1=
2. Ask your little one to build the Numberblocks for each of the numbers in the number sentence, counting out loud as they go.
3. Now they count all of the cubes out loud to help them complete the number sentence.
4. Finally, they build the Numberblock that is the answer (3).

3) The hunt for 4: this simple activity links numbers to real shapes in your child’s world.


What you’ll need: Numberblock 4!

What you do:

1. Ask your child to build Numberblock 4 in a square shape.
2. Tell them, wherever there is a square there is the number 4!
3. Can they find some squares in your house – a window, a dice, a cushion, a cracker, a frame?
4. Ask them to count 4 in each square they find.
5. Repeat with a new number, like 3!

4) Numberblocks get in line! Helps children recognise numbers and put them into order.


What you’ll need: Numberblocks, a big piece of paper and a pen

What you do:

1. Write a number line across the bottom of a big piece of paper from numbers 1-10.
2. Ask your little one to look at a number and then build the corresponding Numberblock.
3. Put the Numberblock above the right number in the line.
4. Do the same for all the numbers in the number line, counting the individual cubes with your little one as they go.
5. Ask your little one which is the biggest and which is the smallest Numberblock.
6. See if your little one can build the numberblocks in the right order (1-10) without the written numbers there – asking again which is the biggest, which is the smallest.
7. Now write a different number line with the numbers in a mixed-up order.
8. See if your little one can do the same game but with the numbers all mixed up (This helps children recognise numbers in sequence and out of sequence and also relate each number to a physical thing).
9. To make it more fun, set an egg timer to see if they can get all the blocks in the right places before the timer goes!

5) I spy with my Numberblock eye: kids can spot and count with this fun game.

What you’ll need: Numberblocks, pen and paper

What you do:

1. Write a number on a piece of paper, e.g. 2.
2. Ask your little one to build the Numberblock for that number, counting aloud as they build it.
3. Now can they spot and count that number of something? g. pencils, glitter pots, jewels!
4. Do the same thing for different numbers, challenging your child to spot lots of things around the home, counting as they go.