Cute button picture craft: how to make a family portrait

Button crafts

Makes a great present!

Raid the button jar for this quick and easy craft for kids! The simple button picture looks so good you'll want to hang it on your wall - it also makes a thoughtful gift.

If you’re anything like us, there are stray buttons dotted around the house in various bowls, pots and random tat drawers. Collect them together for this cute and quick idea. This activity is a great way to fill time at home. It’s also an easy win for a grandparent’s birthday, or for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

TIP! We recommend this activity from 3+ because you don’t want to be constantly fishing buttons out of your toddler’s mouth.  

Make it personal! How to craft your button picture...

  1. Help your child count out a button for each member of your family (include pets, if you have them, or their favourite toy).
  2. Stick the buttons onto the card, thinking about who’s tall and who’s short. Add a sunshine in the sky.
  3. Now, ask them to draw details with a coloured pencil or pen.
  4. Finally, frame your picture (or make one with a pipe cleaner and buttons). 
  5. Hang up the portrait with pride – or give it as a gift!
button picture craft