Fun button craft idea: make a brilliant giant dice!

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Plus number games to play with a dice

This button craft idea for kids is great fun - and so easy! All you do is cover a cardboard box and glue on the buttons. Once you've made it, you'll never have to search for a dice again!

1. How to make a dice in 2 easy steps

  1. Help your child to cover each side of the box in with a square of wrapping paper.
  2. Now ask them to count and stick buttons to each side, from 1-6.

Top tip: For authenticity, remember the numbers on opposite sides of a dice always add up to 7 (and yes, your 5-year-old will love telling everybody that fact!) 

Button craft dice

Fun maths games to play with your dice

Number hunt: For this fun scavenger hunt-style game, your child has to throw the dice and then run and find that number of objects. If they throw a three, they might collect 3 berries, 3 bags or even 3 brothers!

Number jump: This active game provides instant fun! Your child rolls the dice to find out how many times to repeat an action. 5 star jumps, 3 high jumps, 1 crouching jump and 6 spinny jumps, for example! Can also be used to make dinnertime interesting – how many more mouthfuls of veg must they eat before they can have their pudding?

Number sum: Use the dice to make number sums fun. Can they roll the dice and add the two numbers together?