Hey parents, we know – you’ve been to see the Captain Underpants movie and now you’re home, life seems so boring.

What you need is more toilet in your life. Toilet jokes, toilet pranks, toilets that talk… No? Go and have a nice sit down and we’ll distract the real Captain Underpants fans with these five games, which also, surprisingly, support learning and development. ?

1 Be Captain Underpants – wear only pants and a cape (a tea towel will do). If they have some plain white ones they could draw on them.

2 Make up your own comic book hero — draw and give him or her a name.

3 Throw your own Captain Underpants’ dance party with the soundtrack on Spotify.

4 Talk to your toilet, “Tra la la!” (It will probably reply, “Yum Yum, eat ’em up!” If so, get out of there!)

5 Make your own room sign. Write something welcoming like, ‘Come and see my hairy armpits!’ Or ‘Boy my feet smell bad!’

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Article written by Sara Conway