Christmas presents YOU can make!

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You’ve done it again. You promised yourself this year would be different… this year, everything would be bought, wrapped, ribboned and under the tree by December 1st. You even made a list. YOU MADE A LIST!

But it’s now Christmas Eve eve – too late to get anything online, and the shops will have undoubtedly run out of everything.

But fear not! Below are a few ideas for perfect last-minute gifts ­– super-quick, super-cheap, super-convenient and super-cute. And, as an extra bonus, your kids can help you to make them.

1) Got some bottle: A pretty make to give any home that warm glow!

What you’ll need: empty wine bottle or glass jar, battery-operated fairy lights

What you do:

      1. It’s simple! Pop the fairy lights into the bottle or jar.
      2. Switch them on and ahhh… lovely mood lighting for under a fiver.

2) Sweet like chocolate: A delicious DIY hot chocolate treat!

What you’ll need: empty jar, chocolate chips (milk or white), cocoa powder, sugar, marshmallows, ribbon

What you do:

  1. Neatly layer the ingredients into the jar.
  2. Add an instruction note: “Mix 2 tbsp of cocoa and chocolate chips in a mug and fill with hot milk. Top with marshmallows and enjoy!”
  3. Finish with a ribbon, and done!

 Or make them a cake in a mug … 1 min in a microwave and it’s done!

3) Pamper hamper: A ‘treat-yourself’ hamper for everyone!

What you’ll need: an empty shoe-box or hamper basket, pamper items (magazines, candles, chocolates etc – all can be bought from local £1 shops!), tissue paper

What you do:

  1. Fill the hamper with your loved one’s favourite things.
  2. Arrange neatly, and fill the gaps with crinkled tissue paper. Festive and fun!

4) Free night out: Give them a babysitting voucher.

What you’ll need: card, scissors, a pen, some craft Xmas bling (optional)

What you do:

  1. For the perfect last-minute prezzie, write a token that can be swapped for free babysittig.
  2. Cut it out and decorate (or get your kids to decorate it). DONE!

5) Christmas treasure hunt: Make up a festive treasure hunt with a Christmas choccy treat at the end!

What you’ll need: paper, a coloured pen, chocolate coins

What you do:

  1. This is fun for kids and adults alike! Write 10 clues on scraps of paper to pop around your home, for example, “Look here for a chilly surprise!” (leads to the fridge) or “Sweet dreams!” (leads to their bed).
  2. Have the final clue lead to a bag of chocolate coins, and voila. Fun and tasty treasure hunt!

So, there you go! No-one need ever know that these five prezzies were made in the nick of time, and super cheap too. And with all that time you will have saved, pour yourself a mulled wine and pat yourself on the back for surviving another last-minute Christmas!