Come rain or shine

Image: Getty | Words: Sara Conway

These weatherproof games are guaranteed to brighten up a grey day and each one gives you 5 minutes for you. Please share this post with parent friends to help them survive a bad weather day, too!

1-6 We love this 10-minute dough kids can make with kitchen cupboard staples. Plus there are 5 easy sculptures to make with the dough…

7-11 A puppet show and a novel way to colour in are among these 5 ideas for kids to try with any stickers.

12-16 These stripy ice-lollies scream summer sunshine! Plus there are 4 more sponge-painting ideas for children to try.

17-21 Grab a bag of googly eyes so your kids can make bumble bees, fruit puppets, monsters, fun lunch bags and frogspawn (of course!).

22 A quick genius idea with leftover straws! Snip the straws to make beads and then give them to your children with string (or pipe cleaners) so they can make jewellery.

23-27 The Tiger Who Came to Tea is 50 this year! Your kids can celebrate with 5 roarsome indoor ideas that include making a cute mask, crafty cakes, a shaker for little ones and more…

28 Help your kids make salt dough so they can roll it out and use biscuit cutters to make ornaments. Once the ornaments are dry, they can paint them. Thanks to Lemon Lime Adventures for experimenting to find the perfect recipe.

29 Try hiding soft toys so you can send your kids off to look for them, while you have a much-needed break.

30-34 Inspire your kids to play new games with the toys they’ve already got, and break out these 5 building block games.

35-39 Make painting interesting again by letting your kids paint with a fork. It creates a cool effect, which is perfect for these 5 ideas.

40-44 Who knew soft toys could be so much fun? This post will have your children hosting picnics, reading stories, making toy obstacle courses, and more…

45-49 Make the most of time indoors by encouraging activities that help kids learn. Like these 5 maths games.

50 Aharrr, me hearties. It’s hard to stay glum when you’re practising a Swashbuckle salute. CBeebies shows your kids how to make a pirate hat and eyepatch.

51 Take a quiet moment to watch a story on CBeebies – here are our faves.

52-54 Kids just want to watch TV? Try these fuss-free ideas inspired by their favourite shows.

55-59 It’s true, our mums and dads do know best. Try these weatherproof ideas, which have come straight from the horses’ mouths.

60-64 You know that box full of random LEGO® bricks? Put it to good use with these build ideas.

65 Kids can turn a tissue box into a monster with this great idea from Iddle Peeps!

66-70 Having a post-lunch lull and need to lie down? We hear you! Try these horizontal storytelling games.

71-74 No-one loves a rainy day more than Peppa Pig.  There are indoor suggestions here as well as jumping in muddy puddles.

75-79 These clever ways with fridge magnets will stop the boredom setting in at teatime.

80 We love this idea from Brassy Apple of turning our kids into spies and letting them navigate (crepe paper) lasers!

81 Making slime is the perfect rainy-day activity – and your kids will LOVE you for it.

82 Eat through the pain of a rainy day with this two-ingredient treat.

83-92 Water play always makes our kids happy – we don’t know why! Fill a washing-up bowl with water and give them these 10 games to try.

93-97 Use a rainy day to help your kids learn phonics with these 5 helpful ideas.

98 Get your children to make a game you can whip out every time it rains. It helps them learn to count, too.

99 All you need is water, vegetable oil, food colouring and an Alka-Seltzer tablet to blow their minds with this easy science experiment.

100 Kids love to draw around their hands. And this shows them how to turn their hand drawing into an amazing work of art!

101-105 At the end of the day, speed them up to bed with these ideas from mums.