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I was working from home and said I’d keep an eye on the kids while my wife grabbed a shower. A call came in that I couldn’t ignore, so I gave our daughter my wife’s phone to keep her busy. My conversation was interrupted by my wife yelling… Our daughter had crawled into the bathroom and managed to FaceTime one of our male friends!

Amazing tip for a peaceful 5 minutes — or more! I empty a beanbag and challenge the kids to put all the little balls back in. I get to read the paper and they have hours of fun!

I was supposed to drop my daughter off at my parents’ house on the way to work. I got all the way to the office before I realised she was still sat in the back. She must have been having a really quiet morning!

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday, the 18 June. Don’t forget to come back on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for for more Father’s Day fun!

Article written by Sara Conway