We’ve always found that the best way to feel like a semi-functioning parent is to remember that everyone’s in the same boat. Admittedly, the boat has a leak and we spend a lot of time scooping out water (while the small people jump up and down on our heads), but that’s OK.

So the other day I was getting dressed when Albie pointed to my bra and said: ‘What’s that, Mummy? Is it to keep your boobies warm?’ Then he paused, and added: ‘Do I need a bra to keep my boobies warm?’

I pushed my son through the school gates and scuttled off to work, only to receive a call soon after telling me it was an Inset day! My poor boy was walking round the playground on his own!

I was still brand new to the mummy thing and hadn’t quite got the weight ratio of buggy to shopping worked out. Proud of myself for navigating the pushchair through a packed store with lots of shopping on the handles, I paused to look at a nice dress. Letting go for a second, I turned round to find the buggy had done the classic back flip, making T slide to the end. Hope he’ll forgive me!

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Article written by Sara Conway