Every week, to keep us all sane, we gather here to share our parenting disasters.

P was running down the road, still fairly clumsy, and had a fall. She cut her head (she is fine), but it was bleeding and the only thing I had to stop it was a sanitary towel! Not only did poor P have to walk down the road with an Always Ultra clamped to her head, but she also turned up for her nursery pictures the next day sporting a massive plaster!

Mike took O to a soft play party on Saturday and I got a panicked text after about half an hour telling me she was wearing no knickers… not a great combo with a party dress! I spent the whole afternoon worrying about being judged by the other mums, only to find when she got home that she did have them on – it’s just they were wedged up her bottom!

We tell the kids to dig to Australia when we’re on beach holidays. They genuinely think they’ll get there and will do it for hours – giving us the chance to sunbathe. They never learn!

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Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre