Every week, you share your confessions. And more or less every week, there’s a story involving poo. They literally never mention that in the Clear Blue ads.

My daughter has a favourite worm from CBeebies magazine. It’s very special to her. I have just, accidentally, I hasten to add, vacuumed it. I hit the off button immediately, but too late, the worm had turned… into a much smaller worm. 
My pregnancy hormones caused me to burst into instant tears. I tried telling my daughter the worm had had a little accident and was now a baby worm, but she liked her big worm. I feel awful. Whatsmore, it’s the only thing that settles her. (Luckily the story has a happy ending. The CBeebies magazine team sent her daughter a new worm! Hurrah!)

On Sunday, C needed a poop when we were in the middle of a recreation ground with no loo. We put a carrier bag in a lunchbox and she quite happily sat on it. She looked so funny with her sunhat on, having a look around while she did her business. We’ve got a photo to embarrass her with when she’s older!

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Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre