What have other parents been up to this week? 

I took my daughter to the paddling area in our local park and as it was so hot, let her run around with no clothes on. I was chatting away to a friend when a woman asked me if that was my daughter having a poo in the middle of the water fountains. I wish I could have said no!

A thinks that when I spray the ants with Raid, they are just going to sleep! 

P is a terrible eater and I really struggle at meal times. I bribe her with anything and everything, but nothing works. However, the little monkey will quite happily eat for my friend and try all sorts of new food! So now I play a sneaky trick on her and take her to my friend’s house when I need her to eat. I pretend I’m going out, but actually hide and wait in the front room. She will happily start tucking into her dinner without any bribes or negotiations. I’ve not yet told her that I know this — it’s my secret weapon!

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Article written by Sara Conway