Every week, we publish your confessions. We’d love to hear yours. You never know, it might even get illustrated – immortalising your proudest parenting moment forever.

I did the morning school run feeling very hungover. Too hungover to get home, even. Once I’d got the kids through the gate, I crawled into the back of the people carrier with darkened windows and napped outside the school x

H was having a tantrum about her car seat and I said if you don’t get in it now, your dolly is getting thrown away. So I threw her dolly over my shoulder and as she screamed about it, a nice old lady that had been watching me try and force her into her seat came over and picked up the doll. “I think you’ve dropped this, dear,” she said, with a recriminating look on her face. Good times…

I tell the kids that the alarm sensors in their rooms are Father Xmas watching to see if they’re being good!

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Article written by Sara Conway