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My 14-month old loves white carbs, but she took it to a whole new level in McDonald’s recently. I came back from the loo to find her scavenging chips off the floor under someone else’s table!

We were having a barbecue at a friend’s house and the kids were having a lovely time in the padding pool whilst we enjoyed the sunshine and a glass of fizz. M had just had her nappy changed (code brown), so when she toddled into the paddling pool before I’d had a chance to get a new one on, I wasn’t too concerned. However, after about 5 minutes F and S looked down in horror as M announced very proudly that she’d done a poo-poo. That was the end that afternoon’s paddling pool fun!

I took my 18-month-old granddaughter to the park and put her on the seesaw. She was holding onto the metal bar and I was bouncing her up and down on the seat. One minute she was giggling… and the next howling in pain because she’d banged her mouth on the metal bar. Cue lots of cuddles and Grandma guilt, then the horror of seeing actual fragments of tooth on her tongue. She has a perfect little crescent curve along the bottom of one of her front teeth – and I have never forgiven myself to this day!

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