Confessions of an honest mum #27

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My sister was potty training my niece and she (my niece, that is!) had successfully done her first poo in the potty. After a lot of cheering and praising (as you do!), my sister turned round to see that the said plop had gone missing from the potty… and that the dog was licking his lips. Not only had the pooch eaten the poo, he’d deprived my niece of her proud achievement!

I shaved my legs for the first time in about five years, and forgot to put the razor away. That night, my husband was on bath time duty and I walked in to find our one-year-old daughter chewing the razor. I have no idea how she managed not to cut herself, but she was fine. I was cross with my husband but as he pointed out, I shouldn’t have left the razor there!

My daughter fell off a climbing frame at the weekend. She was OK, apart from her mouth, which was quite swollen. But she could eat, drink and laugh, so we thought any trip to the doctor’s could wait until after the weekend. Fast-forward to Monday, when the doctor plucked what looked like a piece of broken bone out of my daughter’s gum. Aaargh! He did confirm it was just a bit of rock, but still, I felt terrible about leaving it all weekend.

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