Confessions of an honest mum #29

This is your place to share your parenting low points.

Or, read other people’s and think, ‘thank God, it’s not just me!’ If you’re ready to share, send us an email telling us your sins. We only publish stories anonymously – which is all part of the fun.

I went to get my bikini line waxed (Brazilian), and took my 6-month-old baby boy in his pram. The beautician had just put on the wax when my boy did a weird cough sound. My instant reaction was to sit up, therefore waxing my undercarriage area together! It took a lot of warm flannels and embarrassment to sort me out. 

My daughter just put bright orange carrot crisp stains on a silk top in a posh shop and I wheeled her outside quickly without telling anyone.

My partner and I haven’t, er, done what partners do for many months now because our schedule never seems to allow. So this weekend we put our toddler in her cot with some books and left her there while we did it!

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