Just remember, we’re all in this together. And we are all definitely doing a great job.

O had her swimming lesson yesterday and as she got out the shower in a changing room full of people and little ones, she did a wee on the floor. I pretended it was just water from her shower and mopped it up with her towel. We both looked it each with a knowing look!

I tell A that the ice cream van (when it plays the music outside) is driving round to make sure all the children are inside and ready for bed!!

We went for dinners on Mothers Day and P kept saying she needed a poo. I kept taking her to the toilet but nothing was happening… Later, as we were all saying goodbye, her uncle picked her up to give her a squeeze. As he did, poo flew out of her nappy and went EVERYWHERE – including all over uncle. I had to carry her back through the restaurant covered in poo to the changing rooms to change her… except I’d forgotten a spare change of clothes. We left the restaurant smelly faintly off poo, with P wearing just a nappy.

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