Just remember, we’re all in this together. And we are all definitely doing a great job.

1. F*%!K.

I’m waiting for the day when my oldest says a word he shouldn’t, I know it’s coming. I remember being very young myself and sidling up to my dog and saying, ‘Come here, Danny you c*$@!‘ – I dropped the C-Bomb! My dad heard me and was shocked! I can’t remember where I’d heard it or why I even said it, quite shocking to think of it now though!

2. Those time when it’s their best interests for you to work around the truth…

“My daughter won’t eat any meat unless it’s chicken. So when we do a Sunday roast, and it’s not chicken, we lie and say it is. She tends to eat up.”

3. When you wonder what on earth you’ve been teaching them.

A: “My finger, my finger. I want to put my finger in.”
Me: “Where?”
A: “My bum!”
Me: “We don’t do that.”
A: “Why not?”
Me: “Because poo poo come from there…”
A: “Oh. My finger, my finger!”

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