We’re noticing a theme!

S has developed a lovely habit of picking her nose. I told her if she keeps doing it her nose will grow. In the car the other day she said, “Daddy must have picked his nose when he was a little boy.” I said, “Why do you say that?” And she said, “Because he’s got a really long nose!”

Last weekend we spent the bank holiday as they are meant to be spent – at a BBQ with lots of friends. At bedtime we changed all the little kids into their PJs and bribed them to stay quiet with popcorn and a movie so the big kids (us) could have lots more fun (by fun, I mean Prosecco)! We checked on them after a couple of hours and they were all snuggled up fast asleep on the floor. Perhaps not the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had, but lots of lovely memories.

I’ve downloaded a new game on my iPad, which A is mad for. I think he spends too much time on it, so I say to him, “Your eyes will go square if you’re on it too long.” He totally believes me. Every time he comes off he looks at me and goes, “Mum, are my eyes square?” Ha, not this time A!

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