That’s our excuse, anyway!

You know you’re going mad with sleep deprivation when you turn up at the pub, kiss your husband, then give your NCT friend’s husband the exact same kiss – smack on the lips. I hadn’t even had a drink yet!

So, when I picked up A from pre-school, the teacher told me she hadn’t been the best girl she could have been. She had kicked another child in the head! This is really not normal for her (I know all mums say that!). When we got home, I said, “A, what happened today? It’s not nice to kick, was it an accident?” To which she replied, “No, Mummy. I meant to do it!” in her most innocent, sweetest voice… Obviously, she had all her treats taken away for a week, while I tried not to laugh!

I told my son if he lies, his ears go red – so now whenever he tells a porkie, he tries to cover his ears!

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Article written by Sara Conway