My little girl loves everything of mine she can get her hands on – handbag, hairbands, nail varnish… My husband hates it when I let her try things on as he doesn’t want her to grow up too fast, but sometimes it’s the only thing that’ll get her out of the house! The other morning, dropping her off at nursery, it wasn’t until I waved her off I realised she was clutching a bottle of Juicy Couture perfume. I had to hide it in the buggy…

When we were at the airport going to Ireland, A saw the police and asked why they were there. I told her that they were there to check all the boys and girls behave themselves otherwise they aren’t allowed to go on holiday.

O was desperate for a number 2 while we were waiting for her Dad in the supermarket car park. We were only about a mile from home but she insisted she couldn’t wait so I had to get a Tupperware box (a very small Tupperware box!) out of the picnic bag for her to do her business in, in the middle of the street. I was laughing so much and she kept telling me it wasn’t funny. I’ve probably scarred her for life! Needless to say the Tupperware didn’t come home with us.

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Article written by Sara Conway