We felt proud this week when a mummy blogger told us our Confessions strand tackles gender inequality.

Meaning? Society generally sees Mum as a superhero and Dad as an incompetent if loveable ‘babysitter’. But these confessions prove we all make mistakes. Here’s to being open and honest about how all our halos slip ✨

I left J nappy-less for about 10 seconds to start running a bath. In that time he managed both to poop, then rub it all over the radiator in his room… which was on. I didn’t know where to start!

We were in the bakers when my daughter, who’s 6, asked her nanny’s boyfriend, in a very loud clear voice: “When are you going to put a seed in her belly to give her a baby?”

We were in Gran Canaria and J was in a kids’ playgroup. Me and the other dads had to pretend to be pirates and I had to walk the plank. I must have been too convincing as J burst into tears sobbing, “That’s not a pirate! That’s my daddy!

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Article written by Sara Conway