Confessions of an Honest Mum #1

It’s time to sit back, have a cup of tea and read Confessions of an Honest Mum. This weekly feature compiles cringe moments experienced by all of our 5 Minute Mums. Please share your stories with us by commenting on our Facebook page! You can also tweet us @5minutefun #confessionsofanhonestmum

“At the park last week, my son asked very loudly: ‘When can we go to the pub mummy?’ while I was surrounded by lots other mummies – who all looked fairly surprised that a 3-year-old would prefer the pub to the park. Mortified!!”

“I was enjoying a few minutes peace alone in the garden having a cuppa, while I thought I’d left Molly playing nicely with her toys. *Smug Mum* That was until  I came inside to find she’d had got my make-up bag out my handbag and chosen my lovely lipstick… and put the WHOLE thing all over her face (it was even in her ears). Lesson learnt? No, you can NOT leave child alone to play while you relax, even for a few minutes.”

“At my sisters the other day, he decided to scream: “You’re a F&*k head!” To which I turned to my sister and said “I have no idea where he gets that f*%king language from.” Doh!

“My daughter was in the bath and I was distracted getting her soap and toys out of the cupboard. When I turned around, I saw she was chewing something – it took me a moment to realise it was my razor. She had the blade in her mouth! I have no idea how it didn’t cut her. I still go cold when I think about it.”

“My little girl asked for a glass of water the other day, but insisted on having it in one of the glasses mummy drinks from. She meant a champagne glass – and I let her have one.”