We’ll let you into a little secret… we think holidaying at home is the new holidaying away.

Stands to reason: we don’t have to pack or keep the kids entertained on any form of transport, and we can spend the money we’ve saved buying what we need to make cocktails! Here are 5 fab ideas to help us all holiday at home.

1 Slip sliding away Lay a large tarpaulin on the ground (if it slopes all the better), squirt on cheap shampoo, add some water, then let the kids SLIDE! They’ll love it.

2 Drive-thru movie Make cars out of cardboard boxes, then sit in them with popcorn, blankets and a DVD.

3 Sand castle contest Bring the beach to you with a sandpit, sandtray, or — our favourite — this colourful Kinetic Sand that you can mold with your fingers. Challenge them to make the best sand castle while you put your feet up.

4 Perfect Picnic! Dine al fresco at lunchtime with lots of ready-made continental-sounding snacks. And yes, that does include those little French beers!

5 Bathtime disco Transform bathtime by turning down the lights, putting on your favourite music and wearing these glowstick glasses!

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Article written by Sara Conway