Halloween costume drama

Image: 5 Minute Fun | Words: Sara Conway

It’s Trick or Treat day on Tuesday, and you haven’t got your children a costume.

Will you…

A. Run to the supermarket to buy a random outfit in the wrong size because that’s all they’ve got left.
B. Show the kids how to make their own mask to pair with black top and trousers.

If you answered B. – well done! Now sit back, play this video and crack open a beer.

What you’ll need:

Coloured card – black would be perfect but you can also use what you’ve got around the house, like we did!

Felt tips
2 Straws

What to do:

Fold you card in half – like you would close a book
On one side, draw half a face, with a pointy ear and one eye
Cut your face out, and unfold!
Draw your best cat on one side and bat on the reverse
To finish, colour or decorate your characters and add a drinking straw handle.

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Happy Halloween!