If you share your home/life with a partner, it’s possible you haven’t finished a conversation with them in a while…

“Hey! How was your day?”

“Great I was… blah-blah-blah…”

“Sorry it was a bit hard to hear you over the sound of our firstborn rubbing her snot in my face and bashing my head with a block. Let’s chat later, yeah…”


“What’re you doing?”

“Staring mindlessly at Facebook.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“OK, see you later.”

So, in the spirit of relationship enhancing, here are 3 ideas to keep the kids busy while you have some “us” time. No Facebooking allowed!

1 Fill different containers with flour, dried rice, couscous, cornflour, and, if you’re feeling particularly brave, shaving foam. Add funnels, sieves and saucepans and let them loose exploring all the different textures. (nb: put a large plastic sheet down first!)

2 Get a pile of cardboard boxes and marker pens and let them make their own castle. They could decorate it with gems, foil, flowers.

3 Give them free rein with a fancy dress collection. This could include some of your outgrown items!

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Article written by Sara Conway
Artwork by Marie Le Fevre