We find there are pretty much two kinds of children in the world — those who LOVE dinosaurs, and those who REALLY REALLY LOVE dinosaurs.

These games are perfect for children in both camps!

1 Dino stomp Walk, sorry, stomp around the house like a great big dinosaur. Better still, put on music and dance in a thumpy, dinosaur style.

2 Dino draw Give them directions to draw a particular style of dinosaur, eg, it must be purple (or orange, or spotty), have two big feet, two small hands, and spikes.

3 Dino roar Do some roaring, in the style of different dinosaurs. How would a T Rex with a sore throat sound? What about a baby pterodactyl?

4 Dino dash Set your child challenges that will turn them into a dinosaur. Go and find a tail to wear. Now a horn. Eat your salad like a diplodocus…

5 Dino bath Give plastic dinosaur toys a “mud” bath by dunking them in a mixture of cocoa, water and cornflour.

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Article written by Sara Conway