We’re having a last-minute panic that school is looming and we haven’t been teaching our kids anything this summer.

These dinosaur maths games will keep them entertained while we smugly polish our parent halos and put the kettle on.

Look at the size of those teeth! Did you know a T-Rex’s teeth were as big as bananas? Once you’ve shared this incredible fact with your small person, challenge them to find things that are smaller and bigger than a T-Rex tooth.

Dinosaur number stomp: Shout out a number and challenge your child to stomp that number of steps in the style of their favourite dinosaur. (You can call out the numbers while making tea, or reading).

10 dinosaur eggs: Hide 10 eggs in the room (or garden) and tell mummy or daddy dinosaur (that’s your small person) to find them before they hatch. You can hide mini eggs, balls, or get your child to draw some. Guide them with advice such as, ‘take 10 steps to your right’ and ‘lift your arm up higher.’ Then roar together when they find one!

Take away dinner: Oh no, a T-Rex is going to gobble up these sweets/blueberries/plastic toys! Help your kids to count how many (sweets/blueberries/toys) there are to start of with. Can they then count how many are left after the T-Rex has been (…you’ve taken some away.)?

Dino number dig: Add numbers to dinosaur toys with a wipe-off marker pen or stickers. Bury them in a sandtray and challenge your child to find dinosaurs with a specific number on them.