Whether our children are fighting fit or feeling under the weather, they’ll love these gentle games. And if they are a bit poorly, they can be played in bed – or lying with their head in our lap.

1. Family photos Dig out the old photos of you when you were younger and tell them stories about the holidays you used to take, the places you lived and the things your mum (their Grandma) used to cook for you.

2. Play hospital Dig out a doctor’s playset and give them a poorly toy to treat.

3. Magnet play Whip the magnets off the fridge and pop them on a baking tray instead. For lots of games that involve magnets see this post.

4. Shadow puppets Your small people use their hands to make characters. And you say encouraging things like, “Oh yes, it’s a snake!”

5. Work through a magazine Magazines are full of stories to share, stickers to stick and pictures to colour –the perfect companion for a poorly child (or indeed a well one too!)

This week’s CBeebies magazine comes with a doctor’s playset and Get Well Soon workbook – perfect for exploring the times when they (or you) need help to feel better. PLUS, it has colour-your-own stickers to create Go Jetters and Minibeast Adventure with Jess activities, AND a Swashbuckle reward chart. All for £2.50!

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Article written by Sara Conway