Another week, another 7 days to fill with FUN! And there’s no need to stick pins in our eyes because the very helpful National Share-a Story-Month (NSSM) team have swooped in with a competition our kids can do while we throw 5 espressos down our necks. It’s to celebrate Julia Donaldson’s new book The Everywhere Bear. The idea is to draw a story and NSSM suggest drawing a favourite teddy in an unusual place. So simple! So lovely we might weep. Pass us that coffee.

PS If you’d like more information or to enter the competition, visit the NSSM website.

Here’s what your small person learnt:

As well as being CREATIVE, this activity forms the basis for STORYTELLING – and the brilliant thing is anyone can do it, even if they can’t read or write. Plus, drawing teddy in an unusual place takes IMAGINATION. We’re so proud right now!

Article written by Sara Conway
The Everywhere Bear illustrations Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb