What made everyone forget about him and love his Irish cousin Patrick so much? St Patrick gets a national holiday and a full day boozing. St George? He gets, well, nothing. There is NO national holiday and NO Guinness. He must regret putting so much effort into slaying that dragon.

So, we’re doing something about it right now. And that basically means we’re drinking patriotic English cider. And the kids?  They’re drawing dragons of course. If you’re feeling extra creative/cider giddy, help them make tin foil scales. Basically cut and stick tin foil onto the dragon, then use a pencil to score scales into the foil.

What your small person just learnt

Old Saint George will be delighted we marked his day with some ART. We gave our small people a choice how to decorate their dragons: foil, crayons, paints. Some of us even went wild with hand-printed wings. And that really is the point of art. There are lots of ways to do something. It’s fun choosing a method and seeing if it works.