5 games for kids that love drawing

Image and words: Sara Conway

1) Drawing around: challenge your child to collect different objects to draw around.

Chunky jigsaw pieces, fruit, toy cars and feet all make great stencils. Now they can colour and fill in the details to make their pictures come to life.

2) Step-by-step unicorn: children will find drawing easy if they can break it down into simple steps.

Try showing them this video that demonstrates how to draw a unicorn, and then get them to create their own magical drawing.

3) Squiggle challenge: Time to imagine.

Player 1 draws a squiggle. Player 2 uses their imagination (and their crayons!) to turn it into an object or a scene. A good game for two, although you can start them off and then get on with what you need to do.

4) Doodle challenge: Get doodling.

Can your child draw a picture without lifting their crayon off the page at all? They’ll have to be creative to turn one continuous line into a drawing of a puppy, a chick or perhaps themselves.

5) Drawing consequences: Laughs all round.

Player 1 draws a head and folds the paper down so they can only see the neck. Player 2 draws the body (and arms) and folds the paper again. Player 1 draws legs, player 2 draws feet. Then they open the paper to reveal their hilarious creation. Perfect for two children, or if you’re looking to entertain your child on a train or plane journey.