Easiest ever World Book Day costume ideas

5 super simple ideas

Forget last minute panic buys - these DIY costumes use stuff you're likely to have at home. From Matilda to Peter Rabbit, they bring your child's favourite book characters to life!

1. Rosie Revere, Engineer

All you need is: a red skirt or dress (preferably stripy), a white top and tights, red shoes and a red and white spotty scarf.

Top tips: 

A plain red skirt or dress will work fine. So will black school shoes.

The easiest way to tie the scarf is in a bow.

Take the book to school as a prop!

2. Peter Rabbit

You’ll need: a pale blue cardigan, jacket or shirt, brown trousers, boots, ears and a carrot!  

Top tips:

Fluffy boots are cute but not not essential. any brown shoe will do.

If you don’t have ears in your dressing up box, we like these ones from Asda (£5).

No carrot? Draw one on card and snip it out. Or, raid your child’s collection of toy food. 

3. Matilda

What you’ll need: a blue dress, short socks, school shoes, a red ribbon, a big book.

Top tips: 

If they’re too little to carry a big book, they could wear a book bag instead.

If it’s chilly out, add a plain  cardi fastened at the neck.

Optional extra: pop a plastic newt (or lizard) and water in a clear plastic cup – the kind with the screw lid and straw is perfect.

4. Queen of Hearts

All you need is: a red skirt (or dress), red tulle, safety pin, pack of playing cards, ribbon, fabric glue, crown

Make it easy:

For an easy no-sew way to recreate this outfit, attach the playing cards to the tulle with fabric glue. Once your child is wearing their skirt, wrap the tulle over the top and secure with a safety pin.

You could also glue the cards directly onto the skirt, if you don’t mind donating it to the fancy dress box. 

To make the belt, use the fabric glue again to stick the cards on to the ribbon in a row. Cover enough ribbon to wrap around your child’s waist, and leave enough spare to tie a bow at the back.

For extra wow, glue playing cards onto another length of ribbon to be worn as a collar.

For the finishing touch, add a crown. (You can jazz it up with tulle and cards if you like, but a simple toy crown will work fine).

5. Little Red Riding Hood

What you’ll need: a red dress and tights, boots, a red ribbon, a basket

Make it simple:

Any red clothing will do: aim to have them wearing red from head to toe.

Any basket is fine – do you have an Easter basket lying around that you could use? Or fill a lunchbox with toy food.

Accessorise with a fluffy  (beautiful wolfskin) coat!