Easy easter bonnet hat

What we love about this Easter bonnet hat craft is that it’s low-effort, mess-free, and looks fantastic. Your child can decorate their hat with small toys – we used Easter-themed Duplo animals – but they could choose anything they like, from fairies to dinosaurs!

easter bonnet hat

You’ll need:

  • A hat
  • Green tissue paper
  • Little toys
  • A ribbon, optional

Easy Easter bonnet hat tutorial

1. Ask your child to glue green tissue paper all over the brim of the hat.

2. Take a double strip of green tissue paper and snip into the top to create blades of grass. Your child can help you to tape it around the crown.

3. Add a ribbon, if you like.

4. Finally, glue on the toys with strong glue. Your child can help you decide where they should go.

We hope you had fun learning how to make this Easter bonnet hat! Now your child looks the part, why not try making some delicious Easter cakes together?