We’re going to a friend’s house today. A play-date at somebody else’s house where the grown-ups do what we do every bank holiday: drink booze in the afternoon. Woo!

And what are the kids going to do? With any luck, they’ll do the crafting for us.

Making Easter bonnets is a great activity to do as a group – and a great one (age-depending!) to set the kids up with independently. Give them a cheap straw hat, some bunny accessories (we got ours from Flying Tiger, Paperchase, CBeebies Art magazine and the local supermarket) and some PVA – and off they go! Once we’ve had a few ciders, we might feel like making one too. Check out the team’s hard work below!

What your small person just learnt

This is a MATHS activity masquerading as CRAFT because it involves measuring (your head) and hopefully having some awareness of the weight of the stuff you’re sticking on, as you don’t want it to be so lopsided and heavy that it slides off your head.