Easy Easter cards to make

Send them to someone special

This simple Easter craft for children aged 2+ is a great activity to keep children busy indoors. When you've finished snipping and sticking, add a stamp and pop them in the post box so grandparents and friends know your child is thinking about them.

1. Cotton wool sheep card

You’ll need: green card, black paint, cotton wool, google eyes and glue.

  1. Fold the piece of card in half. 
  2. Now, help your child to print a black handprint on the card (you want to position the card so the opening is to the left – because you’ll be turning it the other way around in a moment).
  3. Once the paint is dry, turn the card so the opening is to the right and the handprint is upside down. Ask your child to glue cotton wool all over the hand – but leave the fingers and thumb, as there will be the sheep’s legs and head. 
  4. Finally, add two google eyes to the thumbprint. 


2. Rainbow craft to send someone special

You’ll need: colourful pipe cleaners, cotton wool and white card. 

  1. Fold the piece of white card in half and position it so the opening is facing down, towards you.
  2. Help your child to bend the pipe cleaners into curves. 
  3. Now, they can swoosh glue onto the page in a rainbow shape and stick down the pipe cleaners: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and then purple. 
  4. Finally, they glue cotton wool clouds at the base of the rainbow. 

3. Wrapping paper Easter egg card

What you’ll need: patterned paper (like wrapping paper), a piece of coloured card, a pencil, scissors and glue

These steps sound a little more complicated than they are. You’re just creating an egg-shaped hole in the front of the card and then glueing wrapping paper behind it.

  1. Help your child to fold the piece of card in half and position it with the opening to your right. 
  2. Draw an Easter egg outline on the front of the card. Fold it slightly to make a snip in the middle of the egg so your child can cut out the shape without damaging the front of the card.
  3. Cut a piece of wrapping paper. Ask your child to add glue inside the card (on the left side only) and then stick on the wrapping paper so it’s facing out, through the egg. 

4. Easy peasy rabbit card - hop to it!

You’ll need: white A4 paper, pink paper, blue A4 card, glue, scissors, googly eyes and pens or crayons.

  1. Fold the piece of blue card so the opening is to the right. 
  2. Fold the piece of white paper in the same way. Draw the outline of the rabbit’s face so it fills the space. Ask your child to snip it out.  
  3. Draw and snip the middle of the ears from pink paper.
  4. Now, your child can glue on the pink ears, add googly eyes and draw a face.

5. Easter chick card

What you’ll need: green card, yellow paper, googly eyes, scissors, glue and crayon for pens

  1. Fold the piece of green card with the opening facing to the right. We trimmed ours to make it into a square.
  2. Draw these shapes on the yellow paper. 
  3. Ask your child to cut them out.
  4. Now, your child can build the chick on the front of the card, glueing down all of the pieces. Finish with googly eyes and by drawing some legs and little eyebrows.