Let us show you how to make these easy Easter cards

If you’re looking for cute and easy Easter cards to make at home with your child, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve pulled together five card designs that are perfect for Easter gifting. From a fluffy sheep made of cotton wool to a rainbow crafted from pipe cleaners, these are simple ideas that use basic craft supplies or things you’re likely to have at home. And they look great!

1. Cotton wool sheep card


Easter cards to make

We love seeing baby lambs in the spring, and this DIY cotton wool sheep card is just as cute. Your child will love getting messy with paint and adding their handprint to the front. Then, you can decorate with cotton wool and pop on some googly eyes.

Make this cotton wool sheep card.

2. Easter egg card

Easter cards to make

If you’re all worn out from egg hunts and chocolate, have a go at crafting this Easter egg card with your little one. Don’t worry, it’s less fiddly than it looks!

Make this Easter egg card.

3. Rabbit card

Easter cards to make

This rabbit card craft is the ideal calming activity for you and your child to do together. We love it because it’s quick, easy and doesn’t make too much mess.

Make this rabbit card.

4. Easter chick card

Easter cards to make

For an easy, fuss-free Easter craft idea, this Easter chick card is an absolute winner. Once you’ve helped your child cut out the chick’s body, they can draw its beak and legs, then stick on a pair of googly eyes.

Make this Easter chick card.

5. Rainbow card

Easter cards to make

You can craft this beautiful rainbow card for Easter or for a loved one’s birthday – all you need is some brightly coloured pipe cleaners, some white card and a bit of cotton wool.

Make this DIY rainbow card.

Easter card template

We also have two printable Easter card designs for your child to colour in. Download this Easter card template.

Easter cards to colour in

We hope you’ve been inspired by our homemade Easter card ideas! For more fun springtime activities, don’t miss these 35 easy Easter crafts for kids from our friends at Gathered.