Easy ways to exercise with your baby

Image: Getty | Words: Lucy Lucraft 

Postpartum exercise can be tricky.

Sleep deprivation aside, finding the time to get out of the house for a run, or to lift some weights at the gym, can often require military levels of organisation!

You can easily work out at home without resorting to Eighties workout DVDs and, even better, you can keep your little one entertained while you do it!

1 Plank and kiss: Cheesy but true, there’s nothing more fun than planting kisses all over your fresh bundle of joy’s head. Planking is perfect for this activity and you can make faces at your baby while you wait for those 15 seconds of agony to pass!

2 Superman: Even when they start crawling, you can pop them on your legs while you lie flat on your back, get them to pose like Superman, and then move your knees back and forth so they feel like they’re flying. Make sure you hold them securely though!

Yoga: This is one of the easiest ways to work out with your baby. Especially when they’re not yet crawling. You can use any of the workout videos on YouTube or one of the amazing apps such as Yogaia to help you.

Baby weights: Obviously, this is one to use with caution, but lifting your baby can be an amazing way of adding some resistance to your workout. And, providing you haven’t just eaten, pretty fun for your babe too.

A walk in the park: Getting those steps up can be boring. But if you combine it with a walk in the park or even a jog if you feel brave, it’s way more entertaining and kills two birds with one stone – especially if your baby has a nap too!