5 easy Easter crafts for kids

These Easter crafts are fun, simple, and should keep your little ones amused while you grab five minutes for yourself. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to eat your own Easter egg in peace without having to share any!

1. Easter bonnet

You’ll need:

  • A paper plate
  • Assorted paper
  • Two straws (optional)

1. If you’re painting the plate, get your kids to do it now and leave it to dry.

2. You need to do the next bit, but once this is done you can leave them to decorate it …

3. Cut a spiral from the edge of the paper plate into the middle

4. If you have two straws, you can use them to prop up the middle of the plate (hat). Just tape them to the brim and direct them inwards so they meet in the centre.

5. Now your child can decorate the hat with stickers and paper eggs, chicks and flowers.

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2. Cotton wool animals

You’ll need:

  • Cotton wool balls
  • Coloured paper
  • Yellow paint
  • Googly eyes

1. If you’re making chicks, your children paint the cotton wool balls yellow and leave them to dry.

2. Now they draw and snip out animal features to stick on the balls.

3. Try pink ears, nose and feet for the rabbit

4. An orange beak, wings and feet for the chick

5. A black head and legs for the sheep

6. Finally, get your child to stick the animal features onto the cotton balls.

These fluffy friends are perfect to play with, or you can add them to an Easter bonnet. We bought the one in the picture from Poundland for £1.

You could also try crafting this cute cotton wool sheep Easter card.

3. Egg painting

Eating the eggs first means you don’t have to mess around blowing shells – an eggs-cellent lunch and activity in one!

You’ll need:

  • Eggs
  • Paints
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Play-Doh (optional)

1. First boil the eggs, cut off the tops and eat them with soldiers.

2. Now rinse the shells, flip them over and stand them in an eggcup or in Play-Doh.

3. Let your child loose with their paints. We painted patterns and faces. We also filled one with Play-Doh and stuck in pipe cleaners to make crazy hair.

4. Rabbit frame

Stick a photo of your child’s face in a drawing of a rabbit. They can cover it with cotton wool balls to make it fluffy.

5. Handprint chick craft

Your child makes a yellow handprint, then turns it into a chick by adding an orange card beak and drawing legs. If you’ve got feathers, stick those on, too.