Egg painting

Today we’re going to paint eggs to look like family members – watch the video here!

It is also my daughter’s 1st birthday. A year since we were in the hospital and mummy was high on gas. Which is acceptable in hospital, but not at home during the Easter Holidays.

I realise this project might sound like a bit of effort, but if we invest a small bit of time now, we can reap the rewards later. I’m hard-boiling some eggs at breakfast time (I’m even eating one for breakfast #multitasking #winningatlife). Then standing them in egg cups, whipping out some paints, and telling the kids to discover their inner Picasso. I will supervise by saying encouraging things whilst making a birthday cake that looks like Igglepiggle. FML. You may have a similar mum-job. Or actual job-job. Or maybe you don’t and can have 5 minutes to enjoy life. Imagine the options. Paint your toenails. I haven’t painted my toenails since 2015. I command you to paint your toenails. Who said we couldn’t nail this parenting thing. #yesIknowthatwasaterriblepun #atleastididn’tsayeggstarordinary

P.S. I’m ridiculously proud of my Igglepiggle cake. Check it out here! I’m not an arty person at all but it ACTUALLY looks like his dopey face! I’m going to mummy heaven.

What your small person just learnt

First the obvious, CREATIVITY. Choosing blue paint to do those splodges that might be eyes are an expression of creativity and free will. Just call it Impressionism. Did your child dip the whole thing in paint? Get ready for the Turner prize.

They’re also using some mad FINE MOTOR SKILLS in handling eggs and not breaking them (it’s okay if they did).