It’s Father’s Day and that can only mean one thing — we mums have to take one for the team.

We’ll take the kids downstairs while Dad gets some me-time: sleeping, checking the football scores, dropping toast crumbs all over the bed… Here’s some stuff to keep the kids busy for 5 minutes, until we decide Daddy’s time is up.

1 Bear hug When Dad appears they’re going to show him how much he’s loved by giving him the biggest hug of his life. Get them to practice on teddies now.

2 Guess how much we love you! Get the kids to make a list of all the stuff about Dad that’s brilliant. His piggybacks, his cuddles, his hairy nose… Then they can tell him when he comes down.

3 Pebble families If they’re still bursting with Daddy-love, they may like to turn pebbles (or Lego blocks) into family members with felt tips, then act out a story about how brilliant the main man is.

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Article written by Sara Conway