Easy summer makes

Images and words: Sara Conway

1 Ultimate ice cream cone: they can add as many scoops and sprinkles as they like to this dream treat

You’ll need: a paper plate, scissors, crayons, tissue paper, kitchen roll (or similar to stuff the ice cream), glue, sequins

Get your kids to cut their paper plate in half and colour it an ice cream cone colour. Then help them to roll and tape it in a cone shape.

  1. To make scoops of ice cream, kids scrunch a piece of kitchen roll, then cover it in a piece of tissue paper and tape. Repeat as many times as they like.
  2. They can snip a flake from the other half of the plate and colour it.
  3. Now for the fun bit… your child stuffs the cone with ice cream, gluing as they go. Then they push in the flake and glue on sequin sprinkles.
  4. We also made cherries by rolling and twisting tissue paper.

That’s it! A word of warning, you will HAVE to eat ice cream after making this.

2 Easy-peasy seagull: a clever snip transforms a plate into this beach buddy

You’ll need: a paper plate, scissors, paint (or crayons), glue, googly eyes

  1. Fold the plate in half and open it up again. Draw two simple wavy lines from the rim of the plate to the fold, which suggest the shape of a seagull’s head and neck.
  2. Now your kids cut down along the lines you drew (without cutting any of the plate off). They’ll create a neck and body, plus two wings which they can now fold back down.
  3. Now they can paint the back of the wings grey, add googly eyes, and draw or stick on an orange beak and feet.

 3 A slice of fun: this watermelon is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

You’ll need: a paper plate, red and green paint, black paper, scissors

  1. First, they cut the plate into quarters.
  2. Now they paint the rim green and the middle red, leaving a ring of white in between.
  3. Finally they snip little black seeds from paper and pop them on the wet paint.

It really is as simple as that!

4 Sunshine on a plate: little kids will love this simple idea

You’ll need: a paper plate, paint, yellow card

  1. First, your child splodges yellow paint on the paper plate.
  2. Now they snip the sun’s rays, eyes and mouth from coloured card.
  3. Finally, they assemble everything and glue it in place.

5 Seas the Day: this beach craft can take as little or as long as you like

You’ll need: a paper plate, sand, paint, paper, plus other crafty bits like tissue paper, play clay, sequins or shells

  1. Get them to paint the plate yellow and blue to create sand and sea.
  2. While the yellow paint’s wet, they sprinkle sand. As it dries, it will stick.
  3. Now they use their craft supplies to add their own details.


  • paper people (playing, sunbathing, surfing)
  • tissue paper crabs
  • play clay sand castles
  • tissue paper towels
  • sequin starfish and shells