Have fun with food art! Healthy snacks kids will love

teddy bear toast

Children's recipes

Combine snack time with an arty activity for an easy way to get kids to get eat their 5-a-day! These fruit and veg-packed recipes include a teddy bear toast and an owl made of Cheerios - winner!

1. Teddy bear toasts

This one wins the cutest snack award. And it combines fruit with protein and wholemeal toast, so it scores high on nutrition, too.

  1. You’ll need: Polar bear: Wholemeal toast, soft cheese, banana and blueberries.
    Brown bear: Wholemeal toast, peanut butter*, raspberries, banana and blueberries

*Leave off the peanut butter if your child is allergic to nuts. The bread is brown anyway.


  1. Toast the bread and help your child to smooth on the spread. 
  2. Give them a child’s knife so they can cut segments of banana.
  3. Then assemble the bears using the fruit.


2. Awesome apple owl snack

5 fruits in one easy snack.

You’ll need: 2 apples, easy-peeler orange, raisins, banana and grapes, plus a breadstick


  1. Slice one apple in half to create the owl’s body and head. 
  2. Give your child a safe knife so they can slice the banana and assemble the eyes.
  3. Meanwhile, cut the second apple into slices to create the wings.
  4. Help your child to peel the orange and select two segments.
  5. Slice the grapes in half.
  6. Build the owl so it’s sitting on the breadstick branch.

You could put a pot of hummus on the side of this snack for dipping, to add some protein.

If you’ve got a smaller mouth to feed, don’t miss this list of 32 baby puree recipes from our friends at Made for Mums.

3. Rainbow pitta pizzas

Turn the symbol of lockdown into a delicious and colourful vegetable-packed snack.

What you’ll need: Wholemeal pitta, hummus and different coloured vegetables (we used tomatoes, carrot, sweetcorn, peppers and cabbage)

What to do:

  1. Toast and halve the pitta bread.
  2. Once cool, your child can spread on the hummus.
  3. Meanwhile, chop the vegetables. 
  4. Then your child can assemble their rainbow.

For a warm alternative, replace the hummus with passata and grated cheese. Add the vegetables and then pop under the grill to make a mini pitta pizza. 

4. Cheerio rice cake owl snacks

Great for hungry moments – a protein-packed treat.

You’ll need: a rice cake, peanut butter*, apple, banana, blueberries, apple, easy-peeler orange

*if your child has a nut allergy, make a snowy owl with a soft cheese spread instead


  1. Help your child to add the spread to the rice cakes in a nice even layer.
  2. Give them a child’s knife to cut rounds from the banana. Meanwhile, you slice the apple. And cut a small beak from the orange (or a carrot).
  3. Assemble the owl as shown in the picture.
And then eat!