5 fun garden activities for kids

Spend time in the garden

Inspire children with these easy garden projects. From helping you out with simple tasks to having fun with garden crafts, these outdoor activities are perfect for keeping children aged 3-plus busy.

Give the plants a drink

Give your child a watering can and tell them the plants are thirsty. Can they pour water onto every plant, shrub, and tree? Or, if you’re brave, let them have the hose (but you might have to run for cover!)

Garden craft: Painted pebble pets

Create some time to do your garden jobs by giving your child this fun idea to try.

What you’ll need: Pebbles and paint

What to do:

Your child simply paints pictures onto the pebbles, like these brilliant bugs!

Easy garden task

Give your child a small (but useful!) job like sweeping a patio area. Or, give them a bowl of soapy water so they can wash plastic chairs or tables. 

Nature scavenger hunt

What to do:

Keep your child busy looking for fallen treasure. Ask them if they can collect different coloured leaves and petals. Once they’ve got a nice selection, the garden will be cleaner (!) and they can use them to make a nature picture. 

Outdoor craft: Leaf animals

You’ll need: leaves and paint

What to do:

Can your child turn leaves into animals and birds by drawing little details with paint?