Parenting hacks from grandparents

Today, we’re giving credit to our mums and dads – the grandparents who look after our children each week.

We’re holding our hands up and admitting maybe our parents do know best (but please don’t tell them we said that). After all, they are from the no-tech generation. They had to think of stuff to do that never involved plonking a screen in our hands. How did they do that? We asked our 5 Minute Grandparents for their hints and tips…

Alternatives to an iPad

I look after Chloe every Friday. We love traditional games like looking at a tray of objects for one minute and then having to remember them. Also looking at old photographs (actual printed photographs) of their mummies when they were younger. They love that.
Sue, Grandma to Chloe (3), Grace (1) and Charlie (1 month)

When your house is overrun with small people

My younger 5 grandchildren practically live here! We do an obstacle race (in the house and outside) – throwing a beanbag into a hoop, skittles, jumping over things. They love it because you can do it differently each time.
Ali, Nanny to Ruby (11), Ivan (9), Isaac (9), Luc (8), Elodie (6), Zack (6), Oscar (4) and Oli (4)

The ‘no toys’ solution

We love make believe games. The latest is camping.  We go to a farm, put up the tents and Sadie allocates the jobs. I always have to clean out the pigs and they still think its funny!  Last time the chickens got out and I had us all running around the ground floor searching for chicks, then when we counted them there was one missing.  Its amazing how many times you can play this if you can make up stories – children love it and so do I.
Carole, Nana to Oscar (10), Rufus (7), Sadie (7), Amber (2½)

The old school alternative to Amazon Prime

We got to the library together. As well as new books to choose and read together, it’s a big contained space that they can explore. Plus, there are often free events like storytime or rhyme time to add a bit of extra excitement.
Miranda, Granny to Jonas (3) and Fin (10 months)

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