Fun water play ideas

5 quick ways to play with water

Images and words: Sara Conway

1. Rubba-dub-dub: washing clothes in a tub.

Give kids socks or dolls’ outfits to scrub and swish in water and hang out to dry. Then they plop back in and repeat.

2. Sink or float? It’s simple science!

Give kids different items to drop into water – plastic cups, stones, plastic toys – and see if they sink or float. Get older children to guess first. They could keep a tally.

3. Who’s for tea? Give little kids different vessels to pour water into so they can serve you tea.

PS. Yes, those are Mr Potato Head’s trousers. And no, we don’t recommend drinking tea out of them.

4. Fairy potion: water gets a magical makeover.

Your kids collect pretty petals, leaves, daisies and maybe some glitter, and stir them all into a bowl of water. Perfect for making wishes.

5. Hubble bubble: with little toil or trouble you can make your own bubble mixture.

Just add one part washing up liquid to three parts water and use an old wand (or even a wire coat hanger) to blow the bubbles with.

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