5 fun water play ideas

water play

The perfect activity for toddlers

Try these easy ways to play with water to keep kids busy outdoors on a hot day.

Who says entertaining your kids has to be complicated? Sometimes, it’s as simple as turning on the tap. Fill a bowl and give little kids these easy activities to try. They’re perfect outdoors on a hot day. Although you can do them inside on a rainy day, too.

1. Water role play: pretend to wash clothes

It’s probably best not to trust them with your handwash-only garments, but toddlers can pretend to wash their socks or dolls clothes. Give them pegs so they can hang them out to dry.

2. Water science: Play sink or float

Give kids different items to drop into water to see if they sink or float – try cups, stones, plastic toys or an assortment of balls. Older children can try to guess first, and keep a tally.

3. Water make believe: create a fairy potion

Give your child of bowl of water to fill with pretty petals, leaves and other nature finds. Then they stir it up with a stick and make some magic. What will their potion do – turn daddy into a frog?

water play

4. Arty idea: draw with water

Just give your child a paintbrush, a bowl of water and a bit of wall or paving stone to use as a canvas. Painting with zero mess – amazing!

5. Soap and water: make a car wash

Give your child a nice and soapy bowl of water and some toy cars to wash. You can also try this one with farm animals, Peppa Pig toys or dinosaurs.