Games for social distancing with kids

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How to play together apart

Are you visiting grandparents with your kids and wondering how you'll keep everyone a safe distance from each other? Maybe you've planned a playdate and would love to have a conversation without having to constantly sound the two-metre alert. That's why we've created this list of socially distant games to keep your children busy and happy. They're perfect for children aged 3-plus, and can be played at home, in the garden and in the park.

10 games you can play 2-metres apart

  1. Play noughts and crosses either side of a window by using chalk pens. This clever idea lets you interact with people who are shielding. You can write messages and draw pictures, too.
  2. A fun hiding game: choose a person to be IT and select a base, like a bench or tree. The person who is IT counts to 40 while everyone hides. They shout BACK TO BASE and start to look for people. The others have to sneak back to base without being spotted.
  3. Rainbow scavenger hunt. Challenge children to search for different coloured nature objects. If there’s more than one child, they can compete to finish a rainbow first.
  4. I Spy. This classic game can easily be played 2 metres apart. Try spotting colours if your child is too young to recognise letter sounds.
  5. Make perfume in jam jars. Give each child a separate jar so they can mix their own perfume with water and fallen petals.
  6. Treasure hunt. A grandparent can prepare this in advance. Hide the treasure and draw a map to show where it is (while wearing gardening gloves or a pair of marigolds). Or, call out clues. For example, “Walk towards the tall tree, take 3 steps to the right of the shed…”
  7. Hopscotch. Chalk a grid on the floor so children can take it in turns to jump onto different numbers. Try giving them fun maths challenges: “Jump on all of the odd numbers” or “Jump on the answer to this easy sum”.
  8. Staring competition. A perfect game to play through a window or on a video call. Children win this one every time!
  9. Paper, scissors, stone. Another classic that can be played in person or on a video call. Remember: stone blunts scissors, scissors cuts paper and paper wraps stone.
  10. Simon Says. Take it in turns to give each other instructions, “Simon says… jump!” But only do the action if the person says, “Simon says”. You can also change this game to a favourite character: Elsa says, “Freeze!”
treasure hunt
Prepare a treasure hunt to keep children entertained